Planning on having a fund raising car wash for your organization this summer? Carolina Car Wash can help!

First, did you know that besides the good intentions of raising money by the washing of cars and other vehicles on driveways and in parking lots can have a negative impact on the environment because the untreated wash water is discharged directly to the ground or into lakes or streams through the storm sewer system.

The discharge of the untreated wash water and oil waste products to the ground or to surface waters through the storm sewer system is prohibited by North Carolina statutes. The department of environmental protection recommends that cars be washed in an approved car wash.

Carolina Car Wash has a cleaner alternative for your Charity Carwash!

  •  * Sell our wash passes and your organization keeps 50% of the proceeds.
  •  * Tickets are custom printed with the organization’s name.
  •  * By using Carolina Car Wash, your organization will help protect the environment from harmful waste water.
  •  * You will be saving water which is crucial, especially during the summer months.
  •  * You won’t have to worry about chemicals, finding a facility or liability held by your organization during your charity event.
  •  * The customer can use the car wash they purchase at their convenience.
  •  * Carolina Car Wash is well established in the community. We have been serving North Carolina for over 15 years.
  •  * For more details call (919) 929-9122


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